Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Egg & I

This is a very exciting entry for me because I am writing it on my new computer! I have always been a PC girl, but my last laptop was HP and it lasted for about a month and a half. So, out of spite towards HP for not making its products Aimee-proof, I decided to give my money to Steve Jobs.

Another exciting thing has happened recently. I added Google Analytics to my blog, which has been a reality check. Turns out I don't have zillions of fans, like I thought. I have twenty-seven. I know! I was as shocked as you are! However, two of those fans are from Argentina, which is pretty cool. So if you're reading this blog from Argentina, have a good winter!

A lot of my time lately has gone to setting up my computer: transferring files, determining whether Hannah Montana or Spock will look better as a computer background, and of course standardizing the capitalization of the titles of songs in my iTunes library. But I took time off of capitalizing today to go out to lunch with my family on the way to dropping off some furniture at my grandparents' house. Technically, this restaurant is in Chicago Heights, not Chicago, but as I am afraid of heights, in order to allay my fears, I will drop the "Heights" off of the city title. Anyway, it is called The Egg & I and it is located at 222 Dixie Highway:

However, I did not get here by public transporation, so I did not make any new friends today. Although I did meet some interesting characters on Friday. My mom and I went to see "Drag Me To Hell" (Not worth the opportunity cost of my time) at a movie theater on the way North side of Chicago. The theater was basically empty except for about 20 fifteen-or-so-year-olds who spent the entire movie on their cell phones, yelling at the screen, and practically playing tag in the aisles of the movie theater. Then, about thirty minutes into the movie I feel someone tap my leg and I look down and the girl in front of me is saying something to me. "Excuse me, are you eating popcorn? Because your chewing is really loud." I look at her and say, "Are you kidding?" There are people in this theater talking on their cell phones and yelling at each other, and you are worried about my chewing too loudly?" I spent the rest of the movie chewing on popcorn kernals with my mouth wide open. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming...

The Egg & I is set up like a cutesy little farm with talking pigs and walking eggs painted on the walls:

Is the point that bacon served at this restaurant is from pigs as cute as this one?

They also have little green street signs with cutesy names painted on them. We sat here, on the corner of Waffle Lane and Breakfast Lane:

The restaurant is known for its breakfast food. My mother and grandfather both ordered omelettes. My mother's had swiss cheese, avocados, and bacon in it:

I don't eat omelettes because eggs come out of chicken butts, but my mom likes to eat things that come out of the butts of birds, so she really enjoyed her omelette. Usually restaurants overcook omelettes, which is a problem because my mom likes her omelettes really soft. So usually she orders her omelettes soft, but restaurants rarely listen to her order. But at The Egg & I they actually listened to her and her omelette came back very runny, which is good. Plus they put a lot of cheese in there, which she also said was good. And I bet the bacon tasted pretty good because it came from really cute pigs. My grandfather also liked his omelette, but his is less festive looking because it was just a boring cheese omelette:

I did eat the hashbrowns on the side of my mom's plate, and they were very good. Although nothing can compare to the hashbrowns served at McDonald's. I wish I were kidding, but those sticks of butter with some potato chunks in them are totally worth the ten minutes of my life I lose with every bite. But these hashbrowns were very good.

Also, the omelettes were served with two pancakes each:

A lot of the other stuff on the breakfast menu is practically dessert. Basically any combination of fruit, chocolate, and starchy breakfast foods you can think of are on this menu:

Plus, the cute pigs make for really cute bacon:
In addition to the myriad breakfast foods served here, The Egg & I serves a lot of lunch foods as well. I ordered a California Turkey Wrap, but because I am a moron I forgot to take a picture of my food. So this is a generic turkey wrap that I found on the internet:

The turkey wrap that I ate came with turkey, cheddar cheese (I substituted that for swiss cheese), avacado, and sprouts. Do not assume that it comes with a type of dressing. It does not. The sandwich was the dryest thing I have ever eaten. I had about a quarter of the wrap when I realized why it was so dry, so I ordered a side of ranch dressing, and the sandwich tasted like a million times better. So, if you go to the Egg & I at some point in the future, I recommend this wrap, but only if you get the ranch dressing on the side.

Also, the wrap comes with french fries. Again, please enjoy this generic picture of french fries from the internet:

These fries were less dry than the sandwich, but they were also beefed up a bit by the ranch dressing. My meal also came with a soup. I chose to order the tortilla soup. But it is not on the menu, so I can't remember if it was actually called "tortilla soup." But it was soup and it had tortilla chips in it, so I will continue to call it tortilla soup:

It was very good. The red white and blue tortillas gave it a bit of a patriotic crunch, plus the soup was a little bit spicy. It had corn and I can remember at least two different types of beans. It was very good, and I recommend this soup.

My grandmother ordered the taco salad:

I considered getting this salad, but I ended up not, so I am glad that my grandmother ordered it. The salad was in a corn tortilla bowl, which was pretty cool. Inside of the bowl was a bed of lettuce, chorizo taco meat, Greek olives, cheddar cheese, avacados, tomatos, onions, jalapenos, sour cream, and salsa. It was really good, and I am a little jealous that I did not end up ordering the salad. Although once I added the dressing to my sandwich it was all okay.

My sister did not order anything because her bloodsugar was too high so she could not eat anything. I suppose she could have eaten eggs because eggs have no carbohydrates, but sometimes she likes to suffer.

I am not sure how much our meal ended up being, but it was probably something like $40 for four people... more or less. We did not order desset because we were stuffed (plus the kitchen was closing because we finished eating at like 2:45).

The next time I will post will probably be when my parents take me and my sister out to Fogo De Chao as a post-graduation celebration. So I am probably going to fast this whole week to save room for the fifty different types of meat that they serve there. Until next time, hapy eating!

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  1. 1) I'm thrilled that you said that to that girl. Your anecdotes are my favorite, favorite, favoritest part of this blog (shhh about the grammar lol).
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